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1. Application procedure

1.1 Applications are accepted starting February 5 of this year and end on March 15 of this year at 18:00.
1.2 An application form may only be submitted by legal entities.
1.3 Applications are accepted on a competitive basis.
1.4 Applications are accepted through online submission via the Foundation’s website. Applications received in any other way will be considered invalid and will not participate in the grant competition programm.

2. Procedure for filling out the application form

2.1 You can start filling out the application at any time starting February 5 of this year, then you can save and continue it during the next days (but not later than March 15 of this year, at 18:00), by each time following the link sent to your e-mail.
2.2 After filling out the fields of each page of the application form you are required to press “Save” button. After filling them out, you are required to press “Send” button, otherwise your application form will not be sent. After completing it you will receive an e-mail message as regards the receipt of your application form.
2.3 In case you do not receive any letter confirming the receipt of the application, you are required to contact us within maximum 2 working days, otherwise your application form will not be saved.
2.4 In order to provide the budget and its structure required for program implementation, you are required to download a respective form from the online application “Budget” section, fill it out and attach it by pressing “Add” button.

3. Compulsory requirements

3.1 The program is targeted at the development of one or a few of the social-economic, educational and scientific, health and cultural sectors.
3.2. The program will be implemented exclusively on the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
3.3. The program will be implemented by a legal entity.
3.4 program implementation is safe for the environment and the society.
3.5 The program is aimed at not satisfying the individual’s personal interests, but the creation of new opportunities of a wide group of the society.
3.6 The effectiveness of the program is long-term, with a usefulness of at least two years.
3.7 The program has a clear and realistic action plan and timetable. Detailed information on program implementation is provided.
3.8 The grant does not include payment of salaries and other current, administrative, as well as repair and renovation costs.
3.9 If the program is not fully funded by “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation, then the entire financing must be guaranteed by co-financiers.

4. During the program selection the Foundation will give its preference to the programs, which will meet one or a few of the below conditions.

4.1 The program is aimed at strengthening the Armenian-French relations.
4.2 The program promotes the creation of new jobs.
4.3 During the program implementation, local production and raw materials are used.
4.4 The program offers an innovative solution.
4.5 The applicant represented as a legal entity has been active in the field during at least the last two years.

5.Selection procedure

5.1 The Competition is held and the winners are selected by 3 stages.
  • First stage – Examination of applications and preliminary selection by the committee established by the Foundation.
  • Second stage – Interview with the applicants selected in the first stage.
  • Third stage - Selection of winners among those who have overcome Stage 2 by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.
  • 5.2 In the case of highly specialized programs, at the initiative of the Foundation (or the Committee established by the Foundation), an expert examination (verification) of the program may be carried out at any stage of the Competition by an independent expert whose conclusion can be a guidance for decision-making
    5.3 Participants may be required to submit additional documents at any stage of the Competition.
    5.4 At the end of each stage, participants will be informed of the results in writing or verbally.

    6. Financing

    6.1 The maximum amount of one grant is AMD 5,000,000 (five million).
    6.2 The grant does not cover the payment of salaries and other current, administrative, and repair and renovation costs..
    6.3 If the program is not fully funded by the Stepan Gishyan Charitable Foundation, its entire financing must be guaranteed by co-financier.

    7. Monitoring

    7.1 In order to ensure the continuity of the project and ensure smooth operation, the Foundation shall be entitled to periodically monitor the intended use of the grant provided.
    The results of the Competition will be announced on May of this year.