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Designing, modeling, printing and assembling by means of 3D printers. Young members of ArmBionics startup create arm prostheses from scratch.

The startup director and co-founder Marina Davtyan is a student of the Medical University, she started the research project with her friends in 2017. But after the war of 2020, they started working with a new impetus to help the boys with disabilities.

The startup develops three types of prostheses - myoelectric, partial and mechanical, which will work on the fingers, wrist and elbow areas.

ArmBionics is one of the beneficiaries of the “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation’s 2021 grant program. Thanks to the Foundation’s funding, the startup purchased computer equipment, materials and other equipment required for the improvement of prototypes of arm prostheses.

Thanks to the support, the team has also grown, new jobs have been created. The startup has united Diaspora Armenian volunteers from different parts of the world.

"The project has united young people from Armenia and the Diaspora with different professions, whose goal is to create arm prostheses from scratch in accordance with the international standard and implement it all in Armenia. The startup gives beginners and students the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge which they will be able to apply in practice. I am delighted to point out that our Foundation is the first organization in Armenia to contribute to this important program," said Anna Gishyan, Director of the “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation.

“Our beneficiaries are people with upper extremity disabilities who have been amputated at various levels. Our products are of several types and we focus on the development and production of prostheses under the elbow. It is very encouraging for us that thanks to the support of the Foundation we are able to replenish the team, involve new employees. We also had an opportunity to bring one of our volunteer members from the Diaspora to Armenia, which is very important,” said Marina Davtyan, co-founder of ArmBionics startup.

Mechanical prostheses will be donated to the first beneficiaries. One beneficiary has already received an elbow prosthesis, the second beneficiary - partially, and the third is in the working process.

“Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation was established by ACBA Bank, French Credit Agricole, Credit Agricole National Federation and the Gishyan family. The Foundation’s programs are aimed at strengthening the Armenian-French relations, improving and perfection of the socio-economic, scientific-educational, cultural and healthcare systems of Armenia.

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