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“Astghatsolk” non-governmental organization of Chambarak implements various social programs for the purpose of ensuring care of children, vulnerable groups, as well as employment of women with disabilities. The beneficiaries of the organization create clay development games in Armenian costumes that develop imagination and acquaint with the  Armenian culture.

“Clay House” social entrepreneurship program of “Astghatsolk” NGO provided the women of Chambarak with work and gave them the opportunity to create a new business. At first, they created souvenirs and jewelry, then after studying the sphere of children’s games, they noticed that there are few locally manufactured ceramic games on the market.

A high-quality clay of Chambarak is used in the games. It is the women who process it and get an ecologically clean and safe product.

“Clay House” social enterprise is one of the winners of the annual grant program of the "Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation. With the funds of the grant, new jobs have been created and women from the vulnerable group are able to work and earn profit.

“First of all, it was important to present a new product to the market using local raw materials, thereby promoting the creation of new jobs, where women from socially disadvantaged groups are involved. We are doing our utmost to ensure the chain activity of this program. The program promotes the creation of a product or a workplace, which supports the involvement of many beneficiaries in the given program, and the proceeds are directed to the implementation of other social programs," says Anna Gishyan, Director of the “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation.

“The development of the activity of our workshop has two parts: before applying to the “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation and after that. When we compare what we started with and where we have reached thanks to the “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation, we can confidently state that a new level of quality has been achieved. We are happy that we are able to offer our customers a unique product, a development game, and we are able to think not only of ensuring current activities, but also the development,” says Irina Hovhannisyan, President of “Astghatsolk” NGO of Sustainable Development Initiatives.

“Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation was created by Akba Bank, French Credit Agricole, Credit Agricole National Federation and the Stepan Gishyan’s family. The Foundation’s programs are aimed at strengthening Armenian-French ties, improving and perfecting Armenia’s socio-economic, scientific-educational, cultural, and healthcare systems.

Other projects

A new production has been created for children
In 2017, the “Step Forward” Social NGO initiated the production of cardboard cups in order to create employment for teenagers with developmental disabilities and integrate them into the society.
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Designing, modeling, printing and assembling by means of 3D printers. Young members of ArmBionics startup create arm prostheses from scratch.
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“Voskeporik” Development Center received a grant from “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation. With the support of the Foundation, the Center has been equipped with various locally produced items for therapeutic work: sensor lights, stands, sand therapy tables, developmental games.
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