Stepan Gishyan
Value System

He had the exceptional power of bringing people together, inspiring with his ideas and confidence. Only such a person could establish a bank for a sector, where there was no material value system in terms of economics, and a new value system should be established. He was a team leader and he had chosen his favorite saying, "We will do it", to be the principle for his team.

Stepan Gishyan was distinguished with exceptional diligence. He worked hard, inspiring his team, and leading by example. He never rested on achievements, and always strove for self-improvement.
He loved his country, his nation very much, always said that the best place to live in is Armenia. He held sacred the traditions of his ancestors.

Family values had an immense importance for him. He loved his parents very much, and in general, was very respectful to old people.

He was also very cheerful and friendly. Though, at the first sight, he left the impression of being a very strict person, in reality, he had a fine sense of humour, and liked to make jokes. He was the soul of the company. Wherever he went, jokes, songs and laughter were surrounding him.

The greatest value for him was a human being, and he was a real man.