Terms of participation
Terms of participation

The "Stepan Gishyan" Charitable Foundation provides grants on a competitive basis for the implementation of the best programs and initiatives promoting improvement and perfection of socio-economic, scientific-educational, cultural and healthcare spheres of Armenia.


Terms of participation:

  • Any individual (above 18), initiating groups, as well as organizations may file a grant application
  • The program must be implemented exceptionally in the territory of RA
  • The program is to be targeted at the creation of new opportunities not only for separate individuals, but also for the extensive groups of another society
  • The program is to be presented in brief and contain detailed information about the implementation of the program
  • The grant is to exclude payment of salaries and other current administrative expenses
  • If the program is not fully funded by “Stepan Gishyan” Charitable Foundation, then its entire financing is to be guaranteed by its co-financiers
  • Implementation of the program is to be safe for the environment
  • Efficiency of the program is to be long-term and useful for at least two years


The programs meeting the conditions will be exclusively reviewed and the advantage will be given to the programs which focus upon strengthening and development of the French-Armenian relations.

The maximum amount of one grant is 5.000.000 AMD.