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A new philanthropy started with this charity

With the joint efforts of Stepan Gishyan and Miasin foundations, a "social" bakery was established in Gyumri, where young people and teenagers of socially vulnerable groups will have the opportunity to work and get a profession.

“From now on we will have Armenian-French "corner" in Gyumri. This is already the third project completed by the Foundation this year. Most of the bread produced in the factory will be directed to nursing homes, charity canteens and orphanages, and the other part will be sold, ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the program. Here, young people besides working, will also be able to learn and improve their skills in the field of baking with the help of French bakers every year. We can state that this philanthropy brought into reality a new charity, "said Anna Gishyan, director of the Stepan Gishyan Foundation.

"Within the framework of the program, we are trying to help those children who have come from orphanages, care centers, and have no opportunity to work or study anywhere. We already have similar experience. Proshyan Community has a bakery for about a year, where the students of the Zatik Care Center are employed and trained. With the support of Stepan Gishyan Charity Foundation we have already purchased equipment for the bakery; stove, dough kneading machine and tables. all that is needed for learning simultaneously at the workshop and for baking quality French bread, "said Satenik Hovhannisyan, Director of the Miasin Foundation.

By the end of the year, the charitable fund created by ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, French Credit Agricole, National Credit Agricole Federation and Stepan Gishyan’s family will summarize another grant program.

See the video here.


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