Using unique approaches to solving problems of social and economic development of communities, we support the individuals and organizations with their best ideas to contribute to their communities. With the purpose of finding lasting solutions to the social and economic issues in communities, we are focusing on the improvement of infrastructure, development of required resources and knowledge, and support of small and medium startup businesses.


Appreciating the fundamental role of education in the long-term sustainable development of the society, we are giving priority to programs in this field. The core of the activities of the foundation will be the programs, which will aim at creating educational opportunities for the training for professionals and teachers in the sector of education, creating equal educational opportunities for children, accessibility of education for children with special educational needs, and those that will be directed to the training of adults and ensuring their competitiveness in the labor market.


For the Foundation, it is also important to finance the projects that focus on the healthcare processes of communities. Our main goal in this field is the support to the most effective programs, offering solutions to the healthcare issues – accessibility of quality healthcare services, trainings to professionals of the sector, acquisition of medical equipment, etc.


The main objectives of financing cultural programs are the creation of favorable conditions for the preservation, dissemination and development of the Armenian culture and enhancement of Armenian-French intercultural relationships.