We support the best ideas that are based on the tendencies of maintaining the Armenian-French relations and aimed at settlement of the issues directed at the development of socio-economic, educational, health and cultural sectors of the Republic of Armenia and introduction of the latest solutions in such spheres.

By recognizing the fundamental role of socio-economic development in the long-term and stable development of the society, we attach much importance to the programs implemented in your area.

The core of the Foundation's activities is the educational and scientific programs aimed at ensuring equal educational opportunities, the development of children's abilities and skills and the integration of other solutions targeted at improving the quality of education.

The Foundation also considers it important to fund the programs that focus on healthcare process development by supporting the most effective programs offering healthcare solutions, such as the introduction of innovative solutions in the healthcare sphere.

By attaching importance to the role of cultural life, we also provide financial support for the implementation of the programs promoting the creation of the favorable conditions for preservation, spreading and development of the Armenian culture.